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 Welcome to my Discover Unity 3D webpage!
I myself have recently discovered Unity 3D, and I have been totally blown away by the power and ease of use of this piece of  software.

In my rush to learn Unity 3D as quickly as possible, I have uncovered lots of fantastic tutorials and resources from around the wev to help get started using Unity 3D.

And I thought I would share what I have learned here, to help others Discover Unity and get up to speed even quicker than me!

As well as providing links to all the information I have discovered, I have also started creating my own Unity 3D Assets, which I will be making available to all via this website, from ready to use skyboxes, to powerful scripts which are fully encapsulated and allow you to change various features via parameters without touching the code itself! Think of them as black boxes!

 Getting Started with Unity 3D
First things first, get yourself over to http://unity3d.com/unity/download and download the 30-day trial of Unity 3D.

Once installed, when you run Unity for the first time, you will be prompted with the Welcome to Unity dialog, watch the Video Tutorials, these are the fastest way to learn the Unity interface, and some basic operations.

If you find watching video tutorials difficult, click on Unity Basics toyblocks to view pdf versions of the video tutorials, this way you can take things in step by step at your pace.

Another great pdf document is GUI Essentials, this really helps to affirm what you have learned thus far. http://download.unity3d.com/support/Tutorials/1%20-%20GUI%20Essentials.pdf

Next, a great introduction to scripting can be found in the following pdf document. http://download.unity3d.com/support/Tutorials/2%20-%20Scripting%20Tutorial.pdf

 Learn more about Unity 3D!
Now you have learnt the basics, and are quite confident in navigating your way around Unity, and able to do some basic stuff, you will want to really get stuck into the product.

I found a number of tutorial websites, including the Unity website itself, and here are what I think are your best places to start!

Learn Me Silly
Head over to Learn Me Silly, a website dedicated to providing excellent video tutorials on a number of software products, and the Unity video tutorials are second to none, and they are FREE, however donations are welcomed, and I challenge anyone who does not find this information useful not to make a donation.

Here you will find a five huge Lessons on using Unity, some of which are broken into seven separate parts, the content here really is invaluable. Plus all the project source files can be downloaded as well!

To start lesson 1 - FPS Terrain Walkaround follow the link below:

These lessons have been created by Will Goldstone, a University lecturer from Bournemouth in the UK.

Will is also writing the first book dedicated to Unity, it is entitles Unity Game Development Essentials

You can find out more information at Will Goldstone http://www.willgoldstone.com

Or you can purchase the book so far in RAW form from the link below:

The book is expected to be published by October 2009.

3D Platform Game
If you want to really dive in at the deep end, then take a look and the 3D Platform Game on Unity's own website, this tutorial is a whopping 125 page pdf document, and you can also download the project source files.

This is another great website dedicated to Unity 3D tutorials, one of which is a Police Car Tutorial, this is available for $9.99, it is over 3 hours of instruction, and it shows you how to setup the logic and scripting for a vehicle, its a great tutorial for anyone interested in driving type projects. http://unitytutorials.com/Project/project.html

Unity Developer Magazine
For the really serious Unity 3D user there is Unity Developer Magazine, a bi-monthly printed publication. https://www.unitydeveloper.com

 Unity 3D Asset Resources
Ok, so now you know how to use Unity 3D, and cannot wait to get started on a project of your own, however it would be nice to have some ready-made content for your projects to get you started as quicky as possible!

Well in this section I hope to build a vast library of resources for Unity 3D users.

The first place to find content for your projects, is in the example projects from the tutorials above, and also in the Standard Assets that are added to every new project you create within Unity 3D.

One freebie you will want to download is Terrain Assets from the Unity website, this is a collection of plants, trees and textures.


Another freebie is a set of 18 FREE Skyboxes that I myself have created! Special thanks to 3delyvisions.com for their beautiful sky textures.

This is the first of many Unity 3D Assets that I am planning to release, click any of the images below to download a Unity Package containing all 18 skyboxes, ready to be imported into any of your Unity 3D projects, you may use the skyboxes for non- commerical and commerical projects, please just give credit to A-Lab Software Limited and 3delyvisions.

Although these skyboxes are available for FREE to use both non-commerically and commerically, A-Lab Software Limited would really appreciate any Donations if you find these or any of the information on this page useful.

By donating you help me to continue to produce top quality Unity 3D resources.

Many thanks in advance!

Some Unity 3D Assets I am currently working on or will be working on are as follows:
  • More Skyboxes
  • Updated Camera Control Scripts
  • Various Tree Packs
  • Building Packs - Including a Castle Creation Pack
  • Night and Day Scripts
  • Weather Scripts, Rain, Snow, Thunder and Lightning

Plus many, many more...

I am pleased to announce our second resource release for Unity, click the image above to download our FREE easy to use 32-page step by step guide detailing how to import Microsoft DirectX format 3D models into Unity, including animated objects!

We share the secrets of the tools required and where to get them to enable you to make use of the many freely available DirectX format models from the web.

As well as showing you how to import this models into Unity, the guide also provides information on where you can obtain a large collection of game ready models, textures and audio files for FREE!

These include:

  • 25+ People and Monsters
  • 20+ Vehicles
  • 10+ Weapons
  • 35 MIDI music files
  • 120+ Audio Files
  • 200+ WAV sound effect files
  • 4 MP3 game soundtracks
Simply click the image above to download the guide in PDF format now!

Although this guide is available for FREE, A-Lab Software Limited would really appreciate any Donations if you find the information contained within the guide of use to you when working with Unity.

By donating you help me to continue to produce more top quality Unity 3D resources.

Many thanks in advance!

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