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Vehicle Editor Resource Pack

 What is the Vehicle Editor Resource Pack?
The RapidUnity Vehicle Editor Resource Pack consists of a Unity Package which includes a standard car rig setup, with an editor script which allows you to change the body and wheels, and also add your own, plus modify lots of settings associated with the wheel colliders, wheel positions, and vehicle behavior.

There is also a runtime script that you can use to control your vehicle, which also includes GUI controls to allow you to experiment with different settings, such as ride height, suspension stiffness, and tyre grip to name a few.

Also included are a number of engine sounds, that you can configure along with the different vehicles.

Two-Wheeled Add-on!
Now available, a new rig for two-wheeled vehicles, such as motorcycles, and bicycles.

This add-on is available as an add-on to v1.5 of the Vehicle Editor, click here for more information.

New in v1.5 of the Vehicle Editor I have added compatibility with the official Unity Car Tutorial car set-ups.

This amazing tutorial includes two very good car rig's and even better control scripts, one car is an arcade type racer, and the other is a high-end racing simulation type setup.

Both car rig's have several parameters that can be modified to affect the cars handling, in fact the high-end simulation rig even has a parameter which defines the time it takes from when the handbrake is released, to the physical time it takes for the mechanical operation of the brake pads being disengaged from the wheels! This is a serious car simulation setup!

And v1.5 of my Vehicle Editor allows you to modify any of these parameters both from within the Unity Editor, or at runtime, and even better you can save and load complete car settings to and from file, using my new file format .ves, Vehicle Editor Settings.

 Want to know more...
Why not take a look at the RapidUnity Vehicle Editor Resource Pack in action, they say a picture tells a thousand words, well a video tells alot more!

Also take a look at these three new tutorial videos, which will show you how to use the Vehicle Editor within Unity 3D.

Installation (Tutorial 1 of 3)

How to use (Tutorial 2 of 3)

How to use your own vehicle models (Tutorial 3 of 3)

Also, why not download my new RapidUnity Vehicle Editor Resource Pack tutorial, entitled:-

Download, configure, import and drive your own cars in Unity3D!

In this tutorial I will show you how to take a FREE car model from the web, configure it for use in Unity, and then set it up with my Vehicle Editor, and finally drive it about in Unity!

Download User Guide Download RapidUnity Vehicle Editor Resource Pack Tutorial:

 Like what you've seen?
Now try out the online demos yourself, simply click the image or link below:



 More information? download the User Guide!
If you are considering purchasing the Rapidunity Vehicle Editor Resource Pack, but your still not sure, why not download the User Guide and learn more about how powerful and easy it is to use.

Download User Guide Download Rapidunity Vehicle Editor Resource Pack User Guide:

 Get the Vehicle Editor Resource Pack now!!!
The RapidUnity Vehicle Editor Resource Pack is available for only 21 for indie developers! (approx $32/€25), and 42, (approx $64/€50) for commerical developers.

This includes:
  • Unity Vehicle Editor panel.
  • 3 different vehicle set-up rigs!
  • 6 car and wheel sets, including a Willys Jeep, VW Beetle, Subaru Rally Car, Mazda MX and a Ferrari F360 *
  • Instructions to add your own car and wheel models, and configure your vehicles.
  • 6 engine sounds.
  • Runtime Vehicle Behaviour Script.
* Some of the vehicle models included in this pack are available for FREE download from the internet, and are not sold as part of this pack, however they are provided in a form that can be used within Unity, and the Vehicle Editor Pack. Visit http://www.dmi3d.0fees.net/ for copies of the models in there original format.

What users are saying... "A-Lab Software's RapidUnity Vehicle Editor is great, it is the first time I can get my own car working in Unity 3D!" Maurice Hoffman.

Which license do I need?

If you are a developer working for yourself or a company with an annual turnover of greater than 40,000/$50,000/
€42,000, then you need to purchase a Commerical User License for each computer you install the Vehicle Pack on.

Otherwise, you can use an Indie User License.

There are no restrictions on the number of Unity projects you create using the Vehicle Editor pack for either type of user license.

If you require any clarification regarding licenses, please contact me via my Contact page.

Indie User License 21 (approx $32/€25)
Add to Cart

Commerical User License 42 (approx $64/€50)
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 What's next for the Vehicle Editor Resource Pack?
I have several plans to add more vehicle bodies and wheels, extra engine sounds, and trailing tyre marks and smoke, all of which will be configurable, with options for users add their own!

Addition of lights, sirens and horns, gears, and vehicle behavior presets, such as truck, race car, road car, rally car, drift car and many more...

I am also planning to add a waypoint system, which can be used for setting up automated vehicles running around a city scene, or used for a race track, whereby automated cars can be set to follow the waypoints with some randomization so that each vehicle follows a slightly different racing line.

And for player controlled vehicles, the waypoints act as checkpoints, so race position, number of laps, and lap time can be calculated and displayed with ease.

 Introducing EasyRoads3D

Now that A-Lab Software have provided such a great tool within Unity for creating and controlling vehicles, there's only one thing missing? and that is some roads to drive your vehicles on!

And that's where Unity Terrain Tools fantastic Unity plugin EasyRoads3D comes in.

EasyRoads3D is a marker based road creation tool for Unity. Simply click on the terrain within Unity to layout the shape of your road.

EasyRoads3D Features
- Unlimited marker points per road
- Controls to level the terrain near the road up to a distance of 100m+ away from the road so the terrain matches the road shape.
- Road tilting for spectacular bends
- a bridge system that will ignore leveling the terrain for bridge segments.
- The option to close the road for race track simulation
- Road geometry export/import
- The shape of the road can be embedded in the terrain splatmap
- Road splatmap export/import for editing/customization in a paint program
- Unlimited roads per scene

To find out more about EasyRoads3D, or to purchase this great Unity plugin for only $39, please visit http://www.unityterraintools.com

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